I use a psycho-spiritual method of interpreting dreams which provides practical, everyday help for you, the dreamer, to understand their self and their dream.

The approach is centred on you, and your psychological and spiritual development, and its relationship to the daily problems you face in life.

Along with individual interpretations, some of you will want assistance in interpreting a reoccurring dream or with a number of thematic dreams as you work through difficulties.  Other dreams will reward you for your nourishing growth and good work.

For those who want to understand their dreams for life, consider enrolling in a workshop or buying my dream encyclopedia when it is published in 2016.

Examples of Dreams Interpreted

Dream number 1: I am in a car travelling at high speed, all of a sudden I am at a T intersection, not having enough time to decide which road to take I turn to the left. After, I realize I have made the wrong turn.

Interpretation:  This dream is about the direction in which you are travelling, things are moving very fast. You have recently had to make a decision between two options with very little notice, you took the left turn (which according to the dream, was not the right option for you), the dream is telling you that you should have chosen the other option and that you chose wrongly. If it’s possible to backtrack to take the other option, I would suggest you do so.

Dream Number 2: I am in an apartment, my neighbour (who I never seen before) comes in and tells me she does not like the food I am cooking up as it is not healthy for everyone, I look down and see that I am cooking up shit and disgusting gross animals, we both agree that the food should be thrown out and replaced with a hand delivered gift.

Interpretation: This dream is about your relationship with others or how you are travelling with others. You are “cooking up” something that will not be healthy or to the advantage of either you or others, the dream is telling you that the solution is to stop thinking negatively and just give generously to the others.

Dream Number 3: I am in a beautiful, old white house, there is lots of white light, I turn to the right and find a dark room. I can make out lots of my own children's toys and clothes in it.  I am reluctant and fearful to go in, but feel that when I enter, that room too will become light.

Interpretation:  You are a beautiful and good person; you have recently been wondering whether you should research or investigate some problem or issue to do with your childhood but are a little afraid to do so.  The dream is telling you that you should go ahead as this will, in the end, be a very positive experience.

Dream Number 4: I am an adolescent, lost in the ocean on a raft, suddenly I find something to use as an oar and are able to make it to land by setting a course and using my own effort and strength.

Interpretation: In relation to an emotional matter you are behaving a little like an adolescent, and are a little lost at sea, though emotionally secure (on a raft).  Find some direction by setting your course and sticking to it using your own effort and strength, the dream is telling you that this will settle things down for you and things will become more stable and grounded. (i.e. you will arrive on land).

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