Committed Undone

It is not a good year for Elizabeth Lowrie.  Everything she is committed to is being undone her work, the day-to-day responsibilities of family and a commitment made to the ex.

In the process of considering whether or not to retire, Elizabeth's world begins to fall apart when Liz Gilbert publishes Committed, the sequel to her best seller Eat Pray Love.  In Committed, Liz and her new beau (Felipe) are described as survivors of 'very very bad divorces'.  This is a huge shock to Elizabeth, Felipe's ex-wife:  she had always believed their split had been gracious.

In order to try and make sense of the chaos around her, Elizabeth embarks on the trip of a life time - to move "the energy" to a better place and to make decisions about her future.  She explores what a professional woman considers when retiring.

This is the story of Elizabeth's journey of healing from her initial feelings of grief and betrayal to finding inner peace and compassion.  It is an 18 month memior of prsonal, emotional and spiritual growth as Elizabeth white water rafts down the Grand canyon, meditates for six weeks inBrazil and travels across Canada by train. 

This is Elizabeth's truth.


"There are lots of women who make sacrifices so their children can have a father. I did what I did beause it was the right thing at the time. And I would do it again, despite what happened."Australian Women's Weekly

“I had worked really hard to make the divorce great,” she said. “And here I was reading an account of my own marriage and divorce from someone who wasn’t there, who I’d never met. She was writing about my life. I was extremely upset and very hurt.” newscom

"Making hard decisions about whether to retire, where she might retire to and having her children fly the nest were all issues Ms Lowrie was dealing with, making her book not only a redressing of her own truth but also the tale of a year of spiritual discovery and insights." Hervey Bay Chronicle

"In the book there is a continuing and major theme about the tension between my personal wish to set the public record straight and the effect that doing so will have on the family. I am not sure there is a right answer for this question," she says" Sydney Morning Herald

"Readers rarely get the chance to chat with authors, especially those of the calibre of... Elizabeth Lowrie" Bundaberg Newsmail

Recommended Reading List for Mothers' day - Canberra Times.

"There is no doubt that Committed Undone comes from the heart. Lowrie had to accept that a huge publicity machine would make it difficult to confront Gilbert and Nunes, without creating even more grief to herself and others, so after a challenging "spiritual battle", she decided instead to write her truth. Some might say it's sour grapes, others might think "get over it", but after reading the book, I got the sense that Lowrie simply wanted to set a few things straight, if only for her own inner peace."

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